Progressive lenses laser engravings and markings pdf catalogue

All progressive lenses, whoever the manufacturer (Essilor, Zeiss, Sola, Hoya,…), are engraved. These micro-engravings are done with a laser and are very fine and mostly unnoticeable when you wear your glasses.

They are essential for several reasons:

– They enable the optician to identify the optical centre of the lens, and to adjust and centre your lenses very precisely in front of your eyes.

– They also make it possible to establish the origin of the lenses (manufacturer, model, materials and degree of presbyopia).

In most cases, patient eyes adapt to the presence of micro-engravings since they are located on the edge of his field of vision. If a feeling of discomfort exists, it usually disappears after a few hours of use.
The engravings are not always easy to find, especially if lenses have an anti-reflective coating, are tinted, or are older or scratched, especially so for presbyopes or inexperienced persons.

In addition to this first pdf file, if you need check other brands, models or older progresif lens engravings, please follow the link below to find other pdf catalogues with more progresifs laser engravings or markings:

Full listing of progresifs lens engravings or markings

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